NestEgg Home Health Checkups

Ultimate peace of mind with NestEgg Home Health Checkups

Enjoy two comprehensive home checkups per year on your single-family rentals, all on us

Our 120-step checklist has your rental properties covered


We conduct a thorough check of your home and send you a complete maintenance report with high-quality images


We'll be your eyes on the ground so you don't have to worry about being on-site

We make sure your residents are safe and sound


We'll do a safety check to ensure occupation with no issues for your residents


We'll hold a consultation with your residents to see if there are any other problems

Be proactive with maintaining your homes


Save money long-term by finding and diagnosing potential issues early


Increase your confidence in your valuable investments

Yet another reason to be a part of NestEgg


No other property manager can match our free twice-per-year Home Health Checkups


Each additional checkup beyond the first two can be done for just $199

Frequently asked questions

We inspect 120 points within your home including the exterior, entryways, bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, dining rooms, laundry rooms, appliances, backyards, lawns, driveways, and outbuildings. 

Once the Checkup is completed, your NestEgg Manager will review the report with you and schedule all agreed-upon fixes on your behalf.

Yes, your NestEgg Manager will send you a PDF copy of the report for your records.

Our Home Health Checkups typically take no longer than 2 hours for average-size homes. In addition, we coordinate with your residents in order to avoid inconveniencing them.

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