Rent collection

Get rent on the 1st, guaranteed

Join thousands of landlords on the fastest and most flexible rent collection platform. You get paid on 1st always, regardless of when your residents pay.



Secure online rent collection that does all the work for you

No more knocking on doors, running to the bank, and waiting for your funds to arrive. NestEgg handles the entire collections process and automatically deposits rent to your bank account every month.


Get rent on the 1st, guaranteed

Receive your rent reliably every month on the 1st. You’re always paid on the 1st, regardless of when your residents pay.


Put your rental income to use with NestEgg Pay

NestEgg Pay allows you to use your rental income to spread the cost of any maintenance and leasing expenses over 2, 4, or 6 months interest free. For example, if you have a $1,200 plumbing expense, instead of paying for it all at once, you can select NestEgg Pay and pay $200 over 6 months. No catch, just amazing cash flow protection.


Protect yourself against lost rental income

Worried about what unpaid rent can do to your cash flow? If your residents don't pay, we'll keep your income flowing up to 4 months. Mitigate your risk by adding rent protection to any number of your rentals.


Track the status of your rent payments in the app

Easily review the payment status across all of your rentals. Quickly see what is due, what has been received, and what is scheduled.


Flexibility your residents will love at no inconvenience to yourself

Your residents can easily pay rent each month using a bank account, credit or debit card. They can also split rent amongst their roommates, set up AutoPay, pay in installments, and make one-time payments. Regardless, you still get paid in full on the 1st.


How NestEgg makes sure you’ll never worry about collecting rent again

Quick setup

Add your properties to NestEgg and invite your residents.

We’ll handle collection

We’ll send reminders to your residents and collect based on the terms of the lease.

Rent deposited on the 1st

You’re paid your full rent on the 1st, guaranteed, even if your resident pays later in the month.

Unprecedented flexibility

Your residents can set up AutoPay, pay using different methods, and split payments with their roommates.

It’s secure

We offer bank-level encryption to protect your information.

Track payments

See the status of all of your rent payments in real-time and you can export your payment history to make tax time easy.

What rental property owners say about NestEgg Rent


I manage 3 properties in metro Chicago, and NestEgg has made my life so much simpler. I utilize the rent collection, and the pro network on a regular basis. My experience has been seamless, and I find it to be worth the investment. Highly recommend.

Jay Smith


I've been working with NestEgg since the end of last year and have been very impressed with their business model. NestEgg makes the entire rental process seamless from start to finish. Very prompt and professional. I would definitely recommend their services to any landlord looking to successfully fill vacancies with quality Residents.

Jake Pullman


Responsive, communicative, friendly, and most importantly- great service

Phil Maher

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