How NestEgg works

How NestEgg Works

With NestEgg, you can manage your property in minutes per month. Getting set up is quick and easy. Here’s how it works.


Choose your plan

Get started by selecting the plan that best suits your needs

nestegg property management plans


Add your rental properties

NestEgg works on any portfolio size and for both single and multi-family properties.


Invite residents, or fill vacancies

We’ll get your residents set up with NestEgg’s convenient Resident Portal.

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When you add your resident details, we’ll invite them to join NestEgg.

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Need to fill a vacancy? Our Guaranteed Leasing service is the easiest way to find qualified residents.


Automate your rental income

Setting up rent collection only takes a few minutes.

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Residents can easily pay for rent online in their Resident Portal.

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Get rent deposited on the 1st, regardless of when your residents pay (only available on NestEgg Growth and Freedom).

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Protect your income from resident default with Rent Protection.

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Mitigate your risk by adding rent protection to any number of your rentals.


NestEgg manages maintenance issues for you

When you or your resident submits a maintenance issue, we’ll diagnose the problem, coordinate with a NestEgg Pro or your chosen contractor, and handle all of the legwork until the job is complete. You can choose to spread maintenance costs up to 6 months interest-free with NestEgg Pay.