How NestEgg works

How NestEgg helps you achieve more

NestEgg brings together rent collection, maintenance, finding residents and more. Access everything you need in one powerful platform.


Choose your plan

Get started by selecting the plan that best suits your needs


Self-manage rent & maintenance in one place
Free forever, unlimited units
  • Free rent collection
  • 24/7 maintenance support
  • Fix maintenance issues with our contractor network


Self-manage with incredible cash flow benefits
$ 9 Per month, per unit
  • Everything in Starter, plus:
  • 3-month rent advance available
  • 0% APR financing of rental expenses


Have us manage your rentals for stress-free investing
$49 Per month, per unit
  • Everything in Growth, plus:
  • Dedicated Freedom Manager handles the day-to-day including resident interactions and rent collection
  • Freedom Manager facilitates maintenance jobs

Freedom Plus

Have us manage your rentals with valuable perks
$79 Per month, per unit
  • Everything in Freedom, plus:
  • Extra 15% off every maintenance job
  • 1 free inspection/year
  • 1 free rental price analysis/year

Freedom Premium

Have us manage your rentals for ultimate peace of mind
$119 Per month, per unit
  • Everything in Freedom Plus, and:
  • Rental income guarantee
  • Eviction protection guarantee
  • 2 free inspections/year


Do it yourself with our all-in-one platform
$0 Free for unlimited rentals
  • Online rent collection with no fees
  • 24/7 online maintenance reporting, tracking & contractor dispatch
  • Nationwide vetted contractor network for repairs, maintenance, and upkeep


Do it yourself with cash flow benefits
$ 9 per month, per unit
  • All the features in Starter, plus:
  • Ensure consistent rental income with rent advanced to your account on the 1st of each month
  • Minimize cash flow hiccups with the ability to pay rental expenses over time at 0% APR


Be completely hands-off for true passive income
$ 29 per month, per unit
  • All the features in Starter & Growth, plus:
  • A full-service rental manager who's dedicated to you & your rental properties' success
  • 2 free inspections per rental property included per year


Add your rental properties

NestEgg works on any portfolio size and for both single and multi-family properties.


Invite residents, or fill vacancies

We’ll get your residents set up with NestEgg’s convenient Resident Portal.

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When you add your resident details, we’ll invite them to join NestEgg.

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Need to fill a vacancy? Our Guaranteed Leasing service is the easiest way to find qualified residents.


Automate your rental income

Setting up rent collection only takes a few minutes.

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Residents can easily pay for rent online in their Resident Portal.

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Request an advance on up to 3 months of rental income (only available on NestEgg Growth and Freedom).

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Protect your income from resident default with Rent Protection.

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Mitigate your risk by adding rent protection to any number of your rentals.


NestEgg manages maintenance issues for you

When you or your resident submits a maintenance issue, we’ll diagnose the problem, coordinate with a NestEgg Pro or your chosen contractor, and handle all of the legwork until the job is complete. You can choose to spread maintenance costs up to 6 months interest-free with NestEgg Pay.

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