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Smarter property management for the BiggerPockets community

NestEgg helps you achieve more with your rentals whether you want to self-manage with expert help, or let us handle everything for you

Your all-in-one property management platform

What people are saying

NestEgg landlords outperform their peers by 71%



saved per year in management
fees compared to traditional property managers


20 hours

saved per month on rent collection, maintenance issues, responding
to residents



shorter vacancy periods on average for rental properties

*based on the average NestEgg landlord with 5 rental properties

Self-manage or go completely hands-off—we've got your back

Self-manage with powerful tools and features

NestEgg Growth

All the tools and the financial edge you need to achieve better returns from your rental properties—all within one easy-to-use app.

Truly hands-off passive rental income

NestEgg Freedom

Achieve a truly passive income stream with your rental portfolio by having your own dedicated rental manager with NestEgg Freedom

What satisfied property owners are saying about NestEgg

NestEgg is trusted by 6,368 landlords with 11,616 units
across all 50 states

Get started and get $500. Achieve passive rental income your way